Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just a quick update

You may have noticed this blog hasn't been updated for some time. Due to a few circumstances and lack of time I haven't had a chance to get back to keeping Back Roads Operational. The last post was about the Sophia Pate. A lot of research has gone into this particular event thanks to the massive efforts of the descendants of one of the survivors. Rest assured guys your efforts have not been in vain. I will as time permits put together first a complete time line for the Sophia Pate wreck then an essay. In the interim I will be putting up shorter posts about various articles I have found during my sojourns into the rich resource of Papers Past on the New Zealand National Library site. Northland has a rich and varying history. We cannot forget that it started with Maori and to simply just focus on settler history is not appropriate - I have mixed heritage myself with Ngaitahu descent through my mothers maternal side of her family. I am proud of it and value it greatly. I am going to try and cover all things where possible. I think Maps and Timespanner gave me a good wake up call. So I'm back and I'll try and keep Back Roads updated as much as possible. This blog is just a research blog - it's there to share with everyone. I have Timespanner to thank for developing my interest in the history of Northland.
Thanks everyone for your patience and support.