Monday, January 18, 2010

Under Northland Skies - Florence Keene

If you're like me and you are interested in the early settlers to Northland you're bound to enjoy this book found at the Maungaturoto Library last week. It's called Under Northland Skies by Florence Keene and features information on some of Northland's fairly well known and unknown first European and Maori women in the region.

Here's some of the names you can find in the book along with stories of how they came to be in the area they lived in.
  • Yvonne Rust
  • Sister Ivy Driffill
  • Ethel Maude Sands
  • Iritana Rangi Kamara Randell
  • Mary Ann Matthews
  • Daisy Schepens
  • Dame Whina Cooper
  • Violet Pau
  • Caroline Bedlington
  • Marie King
  • Hannah Chiffinch Hare
  • Susannah Cullen
  • Anka Matich

If you're looking for photos you can find some here at the Whangarei Library website, the book has been privately published.


bettyl said...

That would be a great read! I find the history of NZ quite interesting. Thanks for the post.

Amy said...

hi Betty, I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I'm a huge bookworm so I'm always looking for something new to get my teeth into, at the moment I'm thirsting for knowledge of nz women in the days of the early settlers.
btw you probably know me from