Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Midnight Express Joyride (Helensville 1913)

Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-19131211-48-1

I came across this rather interesting image of the old Helensville Engine shed looking the worse for wear after what the Auckland Weekly News had captioned "A peculiar mishap". After a bit of investigation I discovered a youth had been the cause of all the destruction after he had decided to go joyriding in the engine. In the process he took out the entire end of the shed along with it!.

A few days ago a youth engaged as engine cleaner at the local shed did a bit of manoeuvring of the engine on his own account about midnight, with the result that he drove right through the shed, the end being knocked clean out and the cab of the engine being deposited down the adjacent river bank. All next clay was occupied by workmen in getting the engine jacked up again, and its usual runuiug had to be done by another engine from Auckland.
Kaipara and Waitemata Echo , 12 November 1913, Page 2 

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