Little old house in Ahipara

This little place with it's ripped curtains and it's boarded up windows caught my attention last time we were in Ahipara. It wasn't hard to get to, right next to St Clement's Anglican Church it sits just off the road surrounded by overgrown grass and a muddy dirt driveway.

According to a couple of people who saw the photo after I shared it on a historical places page, it was first owned by a couple who lived in it in the 1940s and then owned by a local Kuia Tohunga (a Maori elder who was a natural healer). After she died it fell into abandonment, we didn't have time to go inside but maybe next time we are up that way I might have a look.

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local alien said…
I've seen a few of these old houses on days gone by. I remember one on the Hauraki plains with a TV aerial. We always used to marvel that someone lived there.
Knowing the history of this place is fascinating
R's Rue said…
Cute photo.
Pauline said…
Well done, you, finding a little of the history of the house. Couldn't count the number of times I've seen an old place like that and wondered what stories it has to tell.

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