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The Mangawhai Breakwater - 1865

Situated at the entrance to the Mangawhai Harbour is a line of rocks going out to an outcrop of rock marking the southern end of the Mangawhai surf beach. Its origins date back to May 28, 1862, when a group of settlers came together at Samuel Mooney's Mangawhai Hotel and mooted the idea of building a breakwater to improve safety for vessels entering the inner waterway. Subscriptions were advertised during 1862 in order to finance the proposed project and get it off the ground.

In 1863, Charles Haselden, secretary of the Mangawhai Harbour Improvements committee wrote to the New Zealander raising the continued problems of access into the inner harbour.

To the Editor of the New-Zealander. Sir,
 — There have been lately two or three remarks in the New Zealander tending to show that the difficulties of the bar harbour, Mangawai, were somewhat mythical. Let me tell you briefly the events of the past month; One trip the Tay made with members of my family on board, and many of our new frie…

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