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Tangiteroria Wesleyan Mission Station

From the Hockcn Collection - Otago University Among the mission stations in Northland there is this one that I wasn't aware of until now. The Tangiteroria Mission Station was located just outside of Dargaville in the Northern Kaipara on the banks of the Wairoa River and was established around 1836 until about1853.  Picture from TeAra.Govt.NZ Other mission stations were also built at Mangungu, Kawhia, Whaingaroa, Aotea, New Plymouth, Te Kopua, Pakanae, Mokau, Mangawhare, Auckland, Waima, Wellington, Port Underwood and Waikouaiti. This mission station was set up by James Wallis and then run by James Buller. A bit about James Wallis is that he was born in 1809 in Blackwell, London and was accepted for a position to the Pacific with the Wesleyan Missionary Society before marrying Mary Ann Reddick. They spent a few months in Hobart, Australia before sailing to the Hokianga Harbour and stayed at the Mangungu Mission Station where James became frustrated at the lack of spiritual input he

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