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Who was Cannibal Jack?

I've nearly finished this book, if you haven't read it and you are a New Zealand history nerd like me you'll love it. John Marmon aka Jacky Marmon was an Australian sailor who became one of the first Europeans to live as a Pakeha (Caucasian) Maori. He was born in Sydney around 1799-1800, the son of a convict stonemason or Irish descent and first went to sea on a whaling ship at 5 years of age visiting New Zealand's Bay of Islands in 1805 before returning to Sydney. He went to sea again at the age of 11 and sailed in merchant vessels throughout the Pacific and between the Australian colonies. In 1823 he was convicted of theft and sentenced to serve 2 years on government ships but escaped while the ship he was on was berthed in Russell.   In   Hokianga   Marmon lived under the protection of the local chief Muriwai and married the daughter of another. He became fluent in Māori and travelled on the   Ngāpuhi   raids on the Hokianga under the leadership of   Hongi Hika . He

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