Box factory fire in Kohukohu

On 2nd April 1937 a serious fire occurred in Hokianga's Kohukohu. It is not known how the fire started but it originated in the factory that makes wooden butter boxes and it spread to the local general store.

According to the Waikato Times, Volume 121, Issue 20158, 2 April 1937:

There is no estimate of the total damage when fire destroyed the plant and buildings of the KDV box factory and a general store plus contents owned by Mr T. Downs at Kohukohu early this morning. It is understood the insurances on the mill plant and stock destroyed totalled 3300 pounds. The tide was out at the time and other water was not readily available which ruined any effective attempt to quell the blaze which was soon out of hand. 
With the aid of buckets, a section of the crowd eagerly undertook to save a detached house which had been occupied by a member of the company. The task was successful, but Mr Downs had no insurance on his stock, and he estimates his loss at around 900 pounds. About 70 employees will lose their jobs in the mill and in the box factory on account of the fire.

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local alien said…
That was a major fire! I can imagine how it would spread and burn with all those boxes. Poor workers who lost their jobs. And what a job to put it out back then, the bucket brigade.
Jo Rashi said…
This reminds us the importance of taking insurance... thanks for sharing this.
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