Olga Joyce Bisset - 1913 to 1915

Little Olga Joyce Bisset was born in 1913 to Isabel and Allan Edward Bisset.  Allan was born in Hobart, Tasmania in 1868. He came to NZ with his family settling in Onehunga and moved to Whangarei when he was 14. He was a member of the Whangarei County Council and Bay of Islands County Council, the North Auckland Hospital Board plus the Bay of Islands Hospital Board. He passed away after a short illness in Kawakawa Hospital in 1944 and was survived by his wife Isabel, 3 daughters, 1 son and 8 grandchildren.

NZ Historical births, deaths and marriages lists her death in 1915 at aged 2 but there is nothing further online at all about the nature of her death except to say that she fell asleep, we can only assume perhaps this was a result of cot death or another illness.

Her mother Isabel passed away aged aged 79 in 1959.


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