History of the Pahi Hotel

One of my favourite places in the Kaipara district is the Pahi Hotel which is located on the shores of Pahi Beach designed by architect John Currie of Auckland. This baby is now a private residence that was rebuilt after a fire in 1897, I suspect it was built before 1884 as an owner named William Hull was made bankrupt and the hotel was sold.

Unfortunately there are no photos of the interior of the hotel but this one taken in the 1940s era shows 2 people outside the hotel with their car.  Previous owners have been William Hull around 1884, Mary Berry in 1886, Mr J. Sarah in 1887, William McNeil in 1890, Victor Cornaga 1892, Frederick Howard 1893, S. Macnamara in 1895, E. Moriarty in 1897, A. R Walton in 1899,  R. Garrett in 1901, Mrs Keatley 1902, John New in 1903, Joseph Ryan 1912, P. Kelly 1918, Arthur Golden in 1925, George Stanaway around 1926, C. E. King in 1928, C. E. King in 1929, Mr Morrow in 1931, J. Hay, J. Wade in 1935, A. Littin in September 1935,  B.W. Bunburg in 1936, Reginald Tatton in May 1937 then sold to P. Law later that same year, A. G. Frost in 1938, Catherine Wade in 1939, J. O'Malley in 1942, Lester Baildon in 1945, . 

Not sure who owns it now but it sure does have a colourful history such as births, bankruptcies, fires, police prosecutions and court cases. There are rumours that at some point it was a brothel but so far I have yet to find any evidence. The hotel was closed in 1955 and the licence was transferred to the nearby Paparoa Hotel.

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Hels said…
Thank you. I am not even sure what you would call this type of architecture. It is very different from any other pubs I have seen.
Tom said…
...it's nice to see it being well cared for.
Graham Edwards said…
It's always interesting to read about the history of old buildings.
Billy Blue Eyes said…
Nice looking building spoiled by the boat and tractor
Amy said…
Yeah sadly there's not much I can do about the boat and tractor in front of the hotel, I'm guessing it's up to the owners about what they do on their property.

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