Kerikeri Stone Store

This is one interesting building! Built in 1832 the Kerikeri Stone Store was originally a Mission Society warehouse specifically to hold mission supplies and wheat from the Waimate Mission Farm but also included various roles such as a trading post, library, barracks, and a school.  

It was built by an Australian convict named William Perrott and designed by Wesleyan missionary John Hobbs, it is New Zealand's oldest stone building.

These days it's used as a gift store and people can browse inside to see the stone floors and walls - hence it's name.

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Tom said…'s a beauty!
Billy Blue Eyes said…
Thought it was an old warehouse, nice pictures from it
Himawan Sant said…
I agree that the old warehouse building is beautiful.
Its existence must be preserved. Greetings from Indonesia.
Graham Edwards said…
I've been in it several times and have each time thoroughly enjoyed the journey back in time.
s.c said…
A beauty. Looks more like a french rural building. Nice find.
Susie of Arabia said…
Totally charming. I'd love to browse in there!
Stevenson Q said…
Dearest Amy this is such a beautiful place! It looks straight taken from Europe and brought there in beautiful NZ!
Beautiful! I don't know if I will ever get to visit your country, but I'm getting to see a lot of it through your stories and photographs. Thanks!


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